About Nici

Nici Bickley artist

Growing up surrounded by the beauty of Moreton Bay I fell in love with the water. Everything about it calms me and reminds me of happy memories, so when I started painting of course I wanted to paint it. And then I realised how involved it was, and how I was seeing the world in such a limited way - the sky was blue, the water was blue, and leaves were green.   Thanks to a great mentor Mark Waller (www.markwaller.com.au and Explore Acrylics), I now see the reflections, refractions, the water colour that changes, the yellow and red in leaves and the elusive purple shadows. As I learn to see all these nuances my art improves, but I’m sure my learning will be never ending.  I hope you start to see all those colours in my paintings, or in everyday life and get the same joy as I do when that coloured glue eventually starts to evoke a memory. 


I am available for specific commissions including any with a focus on:  marine paintings, seascapes, beach scenes, pandanus, whales, dolphins, turtles, manta rays, eagle rays, stingrays, whalesharks.  And now I am branching into portraits.